Although most of people have heard of male impotence, there are still large numbers of myths surrounding this medical condition. Before we define male impotence, let’s explain what it is not. On a first place, erectile dysfunction isn’t an unavoidable attribute of the aging process, although it affects elder males to larger extend, and ED does not lead to lack of sexual enticement. Erectile dysfunction also does not make men sterile: impotent males can ejaculate normally, don’t necessarily have lower sperm count and can father children. Another common myth is that impotence is always caused by mental problems; mental problems can cause ED, but neurological and vascular problems can be equally responsible for the developement of male impotence.

What actually is the definition of ED?

One of the most common definitions is the disability to achieve an erection or keep it long enough in order to complete a successful coition. Male impotence is much more widespread than most people believe and it is estimated that nearly 30 million men suffer from it in the United States alone.

How is male impotence diagnosed?

If you have been experiencing erection problems and – you should consult a qualified specialist and visiting your urologist is always a good start. He is likely to look at your erectile problems’ history and ask you a number of questions about your sexual orientation and relationships and the exact nature of your erectile problems. After that, he may proceed to physical examination, which is performed to examine the functioning of your penis. Further tests such as blood tests and Rigi-scan might also be performed.

What should you do in case you have been diagnosed with male impotence?

Your physician will determine the right treatment for you, but in most cases this will be oral medication. The approved ED medications are Generic Levitra Canada, Viagra and Cialis and although their components are different, they all work in similar way. Cialis has advantages over Levitra and Viagra, with the most meaningful being the much longer lasting effect, which is why Cialis is often referred to as the “weekend pill”.

The strongest dosage of Cialis is 20mg. One of the best forms of this drug is the Cialis Soft 20mg, which comes as chewable tablets that are absorbed into the blood much quicker. The Cialis Soft 20mg contains Tadalafil, which is also sold under various different brand names and is found online as well, where it is usually referred to as generic Cialis. If ordered from trusted pharmacies, the generic pill works in the same way and is exactly the same medication that you can buy from local pharmacy. The difference between the brand-name and the generic pills is the price tag. The generics are much more affordable.

Cialis Soft 20 mg is medication prescribed to males who experience erectile dysfunction and you should take it only if you have been properly diagnosed. As already noted above, the 20 mg is the highest dose available and only one tablet should be taken daily. The possible side effects are rare, but headache, muscle ache, flashing, indigestion and back pain might occur.