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Generic Viagra is a reliable and highly reputable medicine for treatment of male impotence conditions. The drug has been around for almost two decades and has won a reputation of a medicine with extremely low side effect profile.


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Impotence Medications


Cialis Frequently Asked Questions

imagesciOne, perhaps common misconception about erectile dysfunction drugs is that it will increase a man’s desire to have sex. This is not the case; it will not cure or increase a man’s sexual desire. It will, however, allow a man to attain an erection if he is sexually stimulated or aroused.

If a man is suffering from health problems that make it hard or impossible, in some cases, to get an erection then Cialis should be prescribed and it is taken orally. Cialis should be taken about 30 minutes prior to sexual activity but has been known to work in as little as 15 minutes.

Cialis has the advantage on its competition, Levitra and Viagra because they last for a much shorter duration than Cialis. Cialis has been deemed the “Weekender” because it lasts for up to 36 hours. This is very important to most men as they can be more spontaneous when taking Cialis than with the other ED medications.

Another question that is frequently asked about Cialis is if it is alright to enjoy a few cocktails while taking it. Yes, there is no evidence that Cialis has any negative side effects when combined with a limited amount of alcohol. Some of the other ED medications have been found to not be quite as effective when taken after eating a meal. Again, Cialis has shown no evidence that food interferes with the potency of Cialis, although it is advised to avoid large greasy meals before taking Cialis.

Who should not take Cialis? Cialis is prescribed by a physician who should be informed if you have had a heart attack or an irregular heart beat. You should tell your doctor if you have had a stroke, uncontrolled high or low blood pressure, or any chest pain, especially during sex. The side effects that are most associated with Cialis are headache, upset stomach, flushing, nasal congestion, back pain, or changes in vision.

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Popular Medicines Used For Impotence Treatment

Although most of people have heard of male impotence, there are still large numbers of myths surrounding this medical condition. Before we define male impotence, let’s explain what it is not. On a first place, erectile dysfunction isn’t an unavoidable attribute of the aging process, although it affects elder males to larger extend, and ED does not lead to lack of sexual enticement. Erectile dysfunction also does not make men sterile: impotent males can ejaculate normally, don’t necessarily have lower sperm count and can father children. Another common myth is that impotence is always caused by mental problems; mental problems can cause ED, but neurological and vascular problems can be equally responsible for the developement of male impotence.

What actually is the definition of ED?

One of the most common definitions is the disability to achieve an erection or keep it long enough in order to complete a successful coition. Male impotence is much more widespread than most people believe and it is estimated that nearly 30 million men suffer from it in the United States alone.

How is male impotence diagnosed?

If you have been experiencing erection problems and – you should consult a qualified specialist and visiting your urologist is always a good start. He is likely to look at your erectile problems’ history and ask you a number of questions about your sexual orientation and relationships and the exact nature of your erectile problems. After that, he may proceed to physical examination, which is performed to examine the functioning of your penis. Further tests such as blood tests and Rigi-scan might also be performed.

What should you do in case you have been diagnosed with male impotence?

Your physician will determine the right treatment for you, but in most cases this will be oral medication. The approved ED medications are Generic Levitra Canada, Viagra and Cialis and although their components are different, they all work in similar way. Cialis has advantages over Levitra and Viagra, with the most meaningful being the much longer lasting effect, which is why Cialis is often referred to as the “weekend pill”.

The strongest dosage of Cialis is 20mg. One of the best forms of this drug is the Cialis Soft 20mg, which comes as chewable tablets that are absorbed into the blood much quicker. The Cialis Soft 20mg contains Tadalafil, which is also sold under various different brand names and is found online as well, where it is usually referred to as generic Cialis. If ordered from trusted pharmacies, the generic pill works in the same way and is exactly the same medication that you can buy from local pharmacy. The difference between the brand-name and the generic pills is the price tag. The generics are much more affordable.

Cialis Soft 20 mg is medication prescribed to males who experience erectile dysfunction and you should take it only if you have been properly diagnosed. As already noted above, the 20 mg is the highest dose available and only one tablet should be taken daily. The possible side effects are rare, but headache, muscle ache, flashing, indigestion and back pain might occur.


The typical medication for impotence problems: Cialis

There are plenty of men that suffer from ED and while this can be a condition that is not going to affect their lives, it is undoubtedly a condition which will yield massive negative psychological effects in it. The truth that they’ll be unable to possess a proper erection sustained will make most of them feel very bad and some may even drop into a depression. So yes, there are no physical pains involved, but the sensation of embarrassment for a man is just unacceptable.

There’s a plethora of factors which will favor ED from appearing and some of the people factors would be the nerves, the harm towards the muscles, damages to the arteries and also to the fibrous tissue. Most of the times, the men that will have problems with this terrible condition, may have it contacted probably due to one of the following reasons: using antidepressants, blood pressure level pills, tranquilizers, antihistamines as well as using diet pills.

A complete of over 70 percent of the cases of ED is going to be because of these factors. Another percentage of 20 will be due to the causes like daily stress, the impression of guilt, the lowest self-confidence, depression and the anxiety about sexual failure. There’s also a percentage of twenty in relation to these cases that will be as a result of factors like daily stress, the impression of guilt, the lowest self-confidence, depression and the fear of sexual failure.

Most of the times, people believe this can be a condition that only those people who are older are certain to get to be prone to, but recent surveys show that men of all ages can suffer from ED and it’s also not fully implied that age could be the main cause for it. Any man of all ages can have problems with this condition at some stage in his life. When it comes with their attitude, most men will feel very embarrassed about this and definitely will even refuse to take any pills which could make them.

There are a lot of kinds of medications available on the market today for anybody who wishes to possess his ailment treated. The most typical medication for impotence problems is Cialis.

There is however practically no chemical different between the two, it is simply the branded you are more costly. The Phosphodiesterase inhibitors will be the class that Cialis corresponds.

The drug is included in the class of Phosphodiesterase inhibitors. Its effect will target the enhancement of the nitric oxide’s effects. Nitric oxide is really a chemical that ensures the individual’s penis’ muscles are relaxed when he will be sexually stimulated, thus, it will allow for more blood to flow easier into his penis.