In today’s world of over sexed images and videos it is hard to look out the window and not find a beautiful busty women selling some product. With the obsession of sex and the ability to perform in bed, it is MORE than understandable to try to reach for a quick solution when faced with erectile dysfunction.

Drugs like Viagra played on the insecurities of us men when it comes to the bedroom and sexual performance. When Pfizer stumbled upon this “gold mine” called Viagra they knew exactly what they had in their hands, and with the magic of marketing, they quickly generated 1 billion dollars in sales in the first year alone.

In the beginning I must admit their intensions seemed sincere, trying to help older men with their erectile dysfunction. Even their marketing was geared towards an older audience.

However, as news spread and almost everyone in the world knew about “the blue pill”, they decided to shift their demographic to a younger more susceptible audience in order to gain more profits, and the younger audience may not have a history of erectile dysfunction.

With younger and younger professional appearing on their advertisements, their subliminal slogan of “let’s get back to mischief”, really make you wonder if they have even a shred of integrity left.

This is nothing to do with the fact of spicing up people’s sex life. In a matter of fact, I am a huge advocate of keeping things interesting in bed with your significant other. However, I am strongly against marketing a drug that may not even be needed and exposing vulnerable people to serious side effects and in some cases kill them.

These side effects would include but not limited to headaches, stomach cramps, violent flushing, severe nasal congestion, vision impairment and the most serious of all, death. There are hundreds upon hundreds of Viagra related deaths and a lot of them are not elderly men with erectile dysfunction but young misled males.

In the year 2000, researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles did an analysis of 1,473 major adverse medical events involving the use of Viagra. There were a total of 552 deaths mostly suffering from cardiovascular failure or problems.

Most of these deaths happened within 4-6 hours of taking a 50mg dose of Viagra. Furthermore, a lot of patents were less than 65 years of age and had no prior heart problems. I hope to educate you, the reader, on some of the serious side effects of Viagra and I would recommend you to consult a doctor if you want to take this drug due to erectile dysfunction.

Alternatively, there are also a variety of completely natural and safe supplements to help you with erectile dysfunction, and many produce the effects in a faction of the time. So if you are weary of Viagra, you can rest assured these alternatives do not have any of the side effects and produce the same result.