Viagra…Almost every adult knows that it is a drug product that leads to grow the sexual vigor and this word has already become common in a colloquial speech when the man is hinted concerning his “sexual drive”.  But do you know what is Canadian Viagra in particular and why is it called Canadian?

What is Viagra?


To begin with it is better to understand what Viagra is. It is just a brand based on a pharmaceutical substance Sildenafil, a drug product for the sexual vigor. This medical preparation is allowed and available for the producing by many pharmaceutical companies and it does not belong to any of them, i.e. this drug is not patented. In other words in fact a patented Viagra is an unpatented Sildenafil.

Why Particular Canadian Viagra?

Two-three decades ago Canada was one of the most expensive countries producing medicines. Unfortunately every year the percentage of old people grows and the purchasing of any medical preparation has become a huge problem for this country. It was then that the topical issue was raised and the government decided to take the entire pharmaceutical branch of Canada under its control. The government began to set the value on drugs in the drugstores and kept them manipulated. Beside it pursued the policy with the implementation of generic medical preparation.

What is Generic Drug?

A generic medical drug contains as the same pharmacological active element (pharmaceutical substance), the same dose and the same pharmaceutical form as the original medical drug. It is an equivalent of its original one by the characteristics: the same quality, effectiveness and a safety profile. It is produced without a patent of the company possessed an original medical drug and consigned once the patent duration or other exclusive rights for the production of the original medical drug are finished.  At the present time generic medical drugs can be consigned under international unpatented names or just new brands. Thus generic medical drugs do not differ from their original medical drugs at all except the expired period of the patent but in particular thanks to it the reduction of prices of drugs takes place and the difference between costs of an original and a generic drug amounts 20 – 80 %.

Generic Viagra is a perfect copy of Original Viagra. It corresponds to all the characteristics of the original Viagra. The only difference between these two preparations is the cost of the generic Viagra is much lower than the cost of the original Viagra and it is affordable for a broad spectrum of the potential customers.

For instance, one pill of the original American Viagra of a dosage of 100 mg is about 60 – 65 dollars. One pill of the generic American Viagra of the same dosage costs 30 – 35 dollars that is half of the value of the original drug. As you can see it is a colossal discrepancy of the price policy and Viagra becomes affordable to the most percentage of the male population.

What is an Advantage of Generic Canadian Viagra?

An active substance in the composition of the Generic Canadian Viagra is a known Sildenafil that is used and produced with a dosage according to the original Viagra.  The identical auxiliary components give an opportunity to this drug to produce more significant and soft effect at the same time and also reduce the potential risk of the adverse reaction as high as possible.

The advantage of the Generic Canadian Viagra lies in the government policy. Thanks to the interference of the Canadian government the prices of the pharmaceutical drugs are regulated and controlled. Thus one pill of Canadian Viagra of a 100 mg dosage costs only 10 – 12 dollars depending on the pharmacy. It means that 10 pills of Canadian Viagra will cost 100 dollars for the customers that is, for a minute! six times less than the original pills though the composition of Canadian Viagra is second to none of its American partner but it is just a matter of having a patent.

Just think how much we pay to buy a thing of a popular brand when in fact the prime cost of a pill is pennyworth! After the refusing of the branding the Canadian government made a great step forward to its nation when it brought an opportunity to buy medicines at cheap prices and drugs became affordable to the most circle of the population.

Why to Pay for Branding?

Many people worry to buy not original medical preparations no matter what they treat and for what purpose they are used. The absence of a brand name frightens customers sometimes. But it is not a secret occasionally the most expensive medical preparations are composed of the pharmaceutical substances which are very cheap in fact and almost every person may afford to buy them.

For example, one pill of Fluconazole costs 15 cents approximately while one pill of Diflucan costs 7 dollars but not everyone knows that Diflucan contains Flukonazole. They are one and the same drug, their pharmaceutical characteristics are identical and the influence they produced is equal absolutely. No more, no less. Diflucan is just a brand name of a trading company that made good investments into the qualitative advertising campaign and due to it increased prices forty times.

What result does Canadian Viagra give?

The Canadian Viagra produces the same effect as the original one. The generic canadian medicine gives the same result. There is only one distinction that makes the Canadian Viagra more preferable that the original Viagra – its price. Now every customer can afford to buy it. The survey that took place some time ago showed that the result of the generic Canadian Viagra is as effective as the result of the original Viagra is. The influence produced by Canadian Viagra work in a hundred per cent way but costs for fraction of the price.

Here are some feedbacks of the customers who use Canadian Viagra:

D: “As for a preparation Viagra works. I decided to try preliminary and ate half of it. The drug works 100 % as the effect lasted for several hours”.

M: “Rather well-effective medicine. I was advised to buy it by my cousin. We get on in years and we need to stimulate our sexual vigor by special medicaments in other case a sex is not satisfactory. I much appreciate his help because it was he who told to buy generic Viagra. It works as well as the original one but costs much cheaper”.

N: “I order these wonder pills not for the first time. The sensation is amazing. I recommend”.

Sometimes people think the more expensive a product is the better its quality. In reality it is not so. Some companies just want to make good money on our trust not thinking about human health and wealth.

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